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Nearly 1 in 5 people don't enjoy their employment!

At Employment Enjoyment we feel that recruitment statistic is far too high. Since the agency was formed in Cheltenham in 2002 we have worked tirelessly to match our handpicked applicants with employers that they really want to work for, doing jobs they really want to be doing. The knock on effect of this is that our clients benefit from a motivated and enthusiastic workforce who are happy to go the extra mile.

As Employment Enjoyment is a privately owned, family run recruitment agency our applicants and clients feel comfortable knowing that they are only ever a phone call away from a one-to-one conversation with a company director. The key strength of the organisation is that the directors feel that any representation of the company is a direct representation of themselves and their pride dictates that the highest possible standards are maintained.

Understanding every last detail of the positions on our books is only the first step. We endeavour to create such a strong relationship with our employers and our candidates that we instinctively know the type of applicant best suited to an organisation. Therefore as an applicant you benefit from knowing the role you take on will suit you on ALL levels and as an employer you benefit from a happy workforce and a greater retention rate.

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