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If I told you to jump off a cliff would you do it?

Probably not - but that's exactly what you could end up doing if you're ill prepared for a job interview.

As a candidate at Employment Enjoyment you can rest assured that you'll be equipped with wings before take off!

You'll be interviewed by a consultant in an informal atmosphere designed to bring out the best in you. We'll use this time together to identify precisely what it is that you're looking to achieve and offer help and advice whenever necessary. If you're looking for a change in direction we'll make good use of your transferable skills and provide a guiding hand on what can and can't be achieved. If you're looking to expand upon your existing skills and open up new opportunities our team of specialists can help identify natural and less obvious progression routes.

When a position has been identified that you wish to pursue we'll make sure you understand everything about the job and if necessary test your skills and knowledge using our competency based interviewing techniques. We'll make an application for the role on your behalf and add weight to it by pointing out why we feel you are suitable; this is vital as many of our clients will provide interviews on that recommendation alone!

If you're successful in securing an interview with our client we'll provide all the detail and preparation you could possibly need; not just who you're seeing where, when, and for how long but our own personal advice on how to tackle the interview, what to expect and hints and tips for the big day ... fluff up your feathers you might say!

So if you're considering becoming an applicant at an agency that doesn't take this much care to ensure you're right for your new job, right for your new employer and right for your new colleagues, can we suggest a quick visit to this site before you go... these guys actually enjoy freefalling!

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